20 September 2010

Cause for Optimism in the Morning Papers

Scanning through the papers this morning one of my pals drew to my attention the article in the Independent relating to the justification of the existence of the coalition by Mary Ann Sieghar. The last paragraph is particularly interesting.

Clegg played a relatively weak hand well and – if his party is patient – has a good chance of turning this Coalition to his advantage. It's too easy to make lazy predictions like "the Coalition can't last" or "the Lib Dems will be subsumed." Politics have been transformed since May and we have to reassess our old prejudices. There is one glaring fact that the old Westminster lags have missed: the Coalition is likely to last the course because the only party that would gain from it being wrecked is Labour.

For the whole article read it at:

The first party conference following the election was always going to be about justifying the very existence of the coalition. To an extent Clegg has done that in his Q&A's yesterday. Now we need to move on and get on with the business of delivery in Government. To that end we are all awaiting Nick Cleggs leaders speech this afternoon with a heightened degree of anticipation.

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