3 December 2010

Public Steps Up to the Plate to Beat the Big Freeze

The weather has dominated the week. Blizzard conditions have been the norm. I can't ever remember seeing so much snow and certainly not in November. 

I have been very impressed by the  efforts of the  general public but I am particularly impressed and proud of our council staff. I dropped in the Fords Road Care Home to learn how they were coping. Staff had largely managed to travel to work but the Manager had stayed over on Sunday night just to be sure that  there was some one there in the morning.

We have also started to deliver food parcels to vulnerable people  who have no relatives, carers or neighbours who can help them with shopping. I visited the team up at Firhill Day Centre who were putting these together. They were in excellent spirits in spite of each having to walk an hour to work. 

An ironic aside - the cafe in the Day Centre had run out of snowballs  on Tuesday just when the snow was at it's deepest! 

We don't know how long this freeze is going to last but everyone is doing their very best in trying circumstances.

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