4 March 2010

Homelessness slashed in lib Dem edinburgh

It has been a while between postings. I suppose the highlight of the week (so far) was the Health and Social Care Committee.

We had a very encouraging report into our Homelessness Strategy and how it is working. Rough sleeping has been slashed and amazingly during the worst slump since the 1930’s with homelessness rising in other Scottish cities we have slashed it here in Edinburgh. This strategy is a triumph of this Radical Liberal led administration in Edinburgh and a shining beacon best practice.

Other highlights included a report on the proposed new Care Home on the site of the soon to be vacated Drum Brae Primary School. This will replace 2 crumbling care homes.

Today I had a very useful meeting with the new Inspector at Corstorphine Police Station. The officer in question was in the year below me at school and so knows the patch pretty well. An amazing amount of good work is going on between Police and Council with stunning results on various areas of crime and most obtrusively Anti Social Behaviour.

This week also saw the latest phase of our Hate Crime Strategy being rolled out. Working with Stonewall it targets the Lesbian gay and bisexual communities. The idea is to raise awareness of hate crime, ensure that as much of it is reported as we can and then work with both victims and perpetrators to ensure that the victims do not suffer in silence and the offenders change their behaviour.

I now have Party conference to look forward to over the week end. At least there is no rugby for us to lose this weekend!