26 January 2011

Captains Taylors Ship Refloated on a Sea of Coffee

This morning saw me visiting the newly opened Captain Taylor's Coffee House to support  our partners Streetwork in their new social enterprise. Streetwork are one the  charities who deliver our homelessness strategy and the new coffee outlet on South Bridge is there to help them get people back on their feet and into work again.  The event went off very well and all seemed very happy.  I am told the coffee is excellent  - I am a tea drinker and coffee isn't something I am an expert on!  Best of luck to them.

From there to the NHS Board meeting all be it a little late. The Chief Exec  seated next to me  told me he had given councils glowing praise for our performance on Delayed Discharge over the years. He has a point. In 2005 there was something like 512 people blocking beds across Lothian. That figure is now around a fifth of that now at worst.

Lastly I attended an event at the Art College on Design and the Build Environment. One of the speakers was Edinburgh University Vice Principle April McMahon who has just caused a stir by being appointed Principal of Aberystwyth University. In spite of being multi lingual and speaking Gaelic no less various Welsh Language Groups are up in arms. So much for Celtic solidarity.

At the time of writing Rangers are two up against the Mighty Hibernian. My mantra of "Thank god for Hamilton" is wearing a little thin as  Hamilton  are not that many points below us in the league. I fear that out lovely completed stadium will be the best ground in the First Division next season! Time to bring back Laurie Reilly and Eddie Turnbull.

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