23 January 2011

Rock Superstars Bound for Murrayfield

A bustling week continued with  the fist meeting of the year of the Corstorphine Community Council. Local resident  chewed over a number of issues ranging from planning applications  to local policing.  

Kings of Leon bound for Murrayfield
Thursday saw me attending one of the  occasional meeting between residents and  the Scottish Rugby Union at Murrayfield Stadium. 

The main issue here was the two concerts , Bon Jovi and the Kings of Leon, planned for June. There is always  real nervousness on the part of the residents and local councillors  regarding concerts at the stadium after two visits by Oasis  in the past which resulted in some very anti social behaviour. The Council and Police work very closely with promoters to prevent disturbances. All are hopeful that these scenes will not be repeated and that concert goers will be able to enjoy themselves without feeling the desire to trash the area. 

On the sporting front all were very keen to see our National side do well in the forthcoming Five Nations  and World Cup.

I finished off the normal week with a  visit to the North West Reablement Team in Corstorphine. This was an opportunity for the team to show how they have implemented this  excellent  policy initiative and they did not disappoint.  

No one now can see a down side to this project though Labour and Green Councillors, astonishingly, opposed it early on. It has delivered better quality of life for frail older people and better value for money allowing us to reinvest the savings made and  begin to really tackle the strain on our care system caused by demographics.

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