6 November 2012

The Other Cup Final

I must admit I had nightmare flashbacks when I heard of Hibs being drawn against Hearts in the Cup Third round last night!  

The fortunes of both sides have changed considerably since out "salt'n'sauce" cup final thrashing in May.   Hibs are high flying and Hearts currently struggling slightly  and are banned from signing more players. These are  perhaps false pictures of both teams true strengths and cup games are one offs so anything can happen. Hibs are on a Nelson remember (111 not out) so it will be interesting. 

The other big talking point today  is, what one pal describes as the World Cup Final of Politics, the US Presidential election, where voting is currently taking place.

The one thing everyone agrees on  - it will be very very tight.  Personally I think Obama is ahead in the states he needs to be ahead in and will win the Electoral College. The popular vote will be even closer but Bush won there and lost the popular vote and that is the system they have by law. I still think Obama will shade the popular vote. 

As interesting will be what happens in the Senate with the Republicans pushing hard to win control. That could make a second Obama term more problematic if the Democrats hold neither branch of the Legislature. 

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