6 January 2013

A New Year

Good Morning and a belated Happy New Year to my readers.

I personally had a great Christmas and New Year. Like everyone else I spent it watching too much TV and eating too much. I also managed to get through three book and out to see the Life of Pi and Midnight's Children in the cinemas and catch up on a mass of household chores. 

Politically 2013 is an election free year in Scotland and provided all political parties up here  with a period of respite after annual elections tussles for the last four years. 

Before the next set of elections we will have the referendum on whether Scotland should separate from the rest of the UK.  

Liberals, as natural federalists, have no problem in being Scottish, British and European. Certainly the mood on the door steps of West Edinburgh I was on with Lib Dem Leader Willie Rennie before Christmas was massively against separation.

One point Willie has stressed is the need once the whole referendum is over for Scotland to come together after what is already promising to be a deeply divisive period in our recent history.

Much of what goes on this year will set the tone for the referendum campaign. Already there is an edge to the nastiness coming from campaigners which both sides would do well to reign in before it gets out of hand.

With the referendum already posing existential questions for the SNP - if they win what are they for?  If the lose what are they for? - It will be up to the Liberal Democrats as the least tribal party to do our best to bring a fractured Scotland back together again.

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