13 January 2013

First Flurry

As I type this post the  first snow of the year is gently tumbling down. The view from my window looks down on to an ancient cemetery with lots of mature trees and an old gravedigger house which has a number of sloped roofs at different angles

The first fall of snow always  prompts a bit of nervousness. The common view is that the British don't prepare well for winter weather.  Certainly when we had the worst winter I can recall a couple of years ago the council stung by criticism of a failure to clear roads and pavements quickly enough produced a  set of proposals for dealing with heavy snow fall which has since gone untested.

One of these was to use a "wovel". This  is a snow clearing device which uses a wheel to take the strain out of clearing heavy snow in the street.  A handy you tube video below shows how it works.

Not expensive I recall that the East Neighbourhood team were all lined up to trial this though my own est team  had now presumably choosing the lesser of two wovels!

Now the earth is round and while we shiver in Edinburgh my brother in Tasmania has been trying to enjoy his summer holiday. Chris is a teacher and in Oz their long summer holiday is in our winter months.

The long summer holiday is all well and good but the trouble is that he is also a volunteer with the local Fire Brigade and his pager has been going off regularly due to bush fires. 

Try as I might I couldn't upload his video of the decimated woodland but I do have this snap  of Hobart by night.

With 100kmph gusts fanning the flames and winds that change direction quickly this is clearly a very risky way to spend your summer.   

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